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Wedding DJ

The most important thing to MisterFox is to find out how you want your wedding evening to go. It’s a large part of the day and important to get it right. But what is right to one couple is different to anothers. Some people have a very clear idea on how the evening will go and exactly what music they want, but others may not.

MisterFox is there to provide you with a service, which includes advise were appropriate. Remember its your wedding, and your ideas are very important. Good comunication is key. From your inicial booking all the way to the big day, your
requirements will be discussed to make sure it perfect.

MisterFox understands that you may be unsure about booking a DJ that you have not met. This is why a music consultation is include to discuss your requirements..

Wedding music consultation

Wedding DJ

With every MisterFox wedding a music consultation and a personalised playlist comes as standard i.e. FREE! This guarantees that you get the music that you want at a budget you can afford!

Other DJ sites charge you different rates depending on how many tunes you have in your playlist. Your playlist is not limited to just; first dance, last dance and a few in between. Your playlist is unlimited! It is down to you how many songs you want to provide. The music at your wedding is limited only by your imagination.

Dependent on time and travel for the wedding couple, music consultations can take the form of a chat over a drink, telephone calls and email, or Skype if distance is an issue. Correspondents are positively encouraged by MisterFox, being weddings can be book months in advance, it’s always nice to keep in touch and know your DJ is thinking about your big day.

It’s helpful to know what you don’t want. If dance music is not your thing, or you just can not stand rock, its best to know in advance!

With your playlist MisterFox can make sure you have a memorable wedding full of songs to keep your guest dancing from start to finish.

Wedding Venue

Wedding DJ

Wedding venues need to be reasured that the DJ being book is above board and has all the correct documentation. This is why MisterFox contacts the venue before the big day to make sure it always goes to plan!

This is a short list of some of the venues that MisterFox has played in, if the venue you are thinking of using is not listed don’t worry.

Delbury Hall, Weston Park, Soulton Hall, Walcot Hall, Iscoyd Park, The Mytton and the Mermaid, Rowton Castle, Old Colehurst Manor, Wroxeter Hotel, Netley Hall, Albrighton Hotel, Pimhill Barn, Hadley Park House, The Hundred House, Madeley Court Hotel, Ironbridge Gorge Museum, Acton Reynald Hall, The Trinity Centre, Old Downton Lodge, Morris Hall, The Old Rectory, Tern Hill Hotel, Shooters Hill Hall, Pendrell Hall.


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